Team Covenant

As a member of a Blessman International outreach, I agree to:

  • Keep in mind at all times that I am an ambassador of Blessman International, my church, the Christian faith and most importantly, Jesus Christ. I will seek to model Jesus in my behavior and attitude at all times.
  • Be in prayer for my teammates, team leader, supporting organizations, hosts, and all the people God puts in my path while on this journey.
  • Be a guest, respecting the culture I have entered and being aware that my hosts’ views on politics, religion, lifestyle, time, and productivity may be different from my own. To refrain from such comments as “at home we do it this way.” I realize that our team is here for just a short while, but the local churches are here for the long term. So, I will respect their knowledge, insights and instructions.
  • Learn from as well as share with my hosts and teammates.       I will seek out teaching moments and share with my hosts and teammates. I will also humbly and graciously receive gifts, recognizing that attitudes about gifts vary by culture.
  • Dress modestly, taking into consideration my host culture’s dress expectations, as well as what is appropriate for the work I am doing.
  • Pack light and live simply, bringing only luggage and possessions that are appropriate for the service needs of the mission and the country’s culture and assuming risk for anything I bring with me.
  • Develop and maintain a servant’s attitude toward hosts, team leader(s), and teammates. I will demonstrate that I am there to serve others and share Christ by maintaining flexibility, respect, patience, and a positive attitude. Absolutely NOTHING can happen that can make me complain. Instead of whining, I will be creative and supportive.
  • I will handle any conflict in a Christian manner. I will talk directly to those I have a problem with before I gossip to anyone else about it. Then, if necessary, I will get a leader involved. I also commit to pray through these situations.
  • Remember to not be exclusive in my relationships and make every effort to interact with all team members and hosts.
  • Abstain from the use of tobacco and illegal drugs for the duration of the trip. Under no circumstances will a minor be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Attend and participate actively in mission meetings and events throughout the year, so as to best prepare for the mission trip.

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