We have a 40-loaf commercial bakery that is helping us to feed fresh bread in our pilot feeding program. It employs four and permits us to sell some bread, cookies, and cakes to the surrounding village families.


At present, we are selling earth compressed blocks using our Vermeer block- making press. Now that our buildings on our ministry campus are nearly completed, we have a vision of starting a small construction business.


We continue to build a strong and sustainable program that has been recognized by the South African Department of Agriculture. We have a  partnership with Iowa State University. We currently are producing vegetables in greenhouses and multiple grains, raising poultry, and fish farming.


This computer facility is used for training our students at the Del Cramer campus during the day. Outside of student hours it opens to the community in the late afternoons and early evenings, providing income and sustainability. This is the only functioning internet café in our villages of 25,000, where essentially none of the families have personal computers.


Located on Blessman International campus, this eco-friendly building and four chalets provide 30 beds of living space giving our teams an inviting place to stay and opening jobs within the community.


This 120-acre farm will be used as a research farm and to train nationals successful methods of farming.  It is also our vision to one day use this land as a game breeding farm. We will also use the lodging at this farm as a youth hostel to house our medical and collage interns, and any youth groups.


Full-time workers get training on high quality machines and create  products that we sell to team members and in the U.S. This ministry also gives uniforms to many impoverished and orphaned children and has a partnership with Iowa State University.


In partnership with Rotary International and grants from Hy-Vee, we are drilling wells in rural villages to provide children with clean drinking water, as well as farmers for their crops.